Hobo Photo Of The Day – On The Rocks


Early fall 2016, I took this while hiking near the Vermillion River near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

I heard the roar of a million leaves. There were tracks in the dirt. I was all alone but I knew that something had been here before me. I walked for hours and all I heard was the wind. Through the trees, I saw a bird soaring through the sky. I thought about death. Could he see me? Could he sense my anticipation?

I kicked my feet up on the banks of a river. On the rocks, I smoked a cigarette. I contemplated the weight of my existence. The river didn’t give a shit about me. There were waves stretching back across time and space. I thought about life. How far can we see? Is there meaning in meaningless things?


Hobo Photo Of The Day


We walked about 12 kilometers south from the highway, to find our way into the abandoned Burwash Prison outside of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The prison had been abandoned since the late 1960’s but there was plenty of evidence of recent activity.

For years, people have been coming to this abandoned site to drinks and smoke, to tag the walls and see what they could steal.

Now the hallways are all empty. Littered with the memories of prisoners and vandals.

One man, must have sat in this room. There was a chair near the window surrounded by empty shell casings. Who knows what he could have been shooting at. Empty beer cans and dust lay around the room. The man’s life must have been a mess, but this is where he hung his shirt.

Hobo Photo Of The Day


The biggest nickel that I have ever seen. It is one of only a few landmarks in Sudbury, Ontario, the city that I grew up in. Most of my firsts happened in Sudbury. First friends. First peer pressures. First love. First time having sex. It all happened in this place that most people haven’t even heard of.

Hobo Photo Of The Day


Old. Rusty. Abandoned.

The final remnants of CFS Falconbridge in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Once part of NORAD’s line of radar bases for the Canadian Military’s aircraft control and warning system, now nothing more then a few run down buildings on top of a hill.

Growing up as a kid, I’d always been told about how there used to be a radar base in town but it took me until I was 27 to actually go for a hike and check it out for myself. Not much left standing. There’s nothing left but the two structures shown in the picture, another run down shack which looked like an old kitchen and the foundation of where I assume the actual radar once stood.

Nothing left but the ghosts and footprints of times long since past.