Our Day at the Beach — Cee’s Photography

As most of you know, Chris and I took a day off and went to the beach this week. The weather was sunny and gorgeous. The ocean was so calm it didn’t seem as if we were on the Oregon Coast. Here are a few photos I took. Qi (energy) hugs Cee

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Spring In Keukenhof Garden — DAVE ✌️

Situated in Lisse, Netherlands, Keukenhof is one of the largest flower gardens in the world and it is also a must-go-at-least-once-in-your-life-just-for-the-experience thing. This post is dedicated to all flower lovers! I visited around Easter time so the weather was changing from winter to spring. It was still quite cold, and not very ideal for the flowers. It […]

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From Alabama to Alaska — nomadruss in words and photos

I didn’t realize I’d have service in King Salmon, Alaska, but I do, so I’ll start sharing the journey to Alaska. It actually started in Florida, but after visiting friends in the southeast I started the long drive from Alabama, and it made for a better title anyway. So here are images from the first […]

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Doorways and Architecture (Five Photographs) — Victor Rakmil Photography

To view more of my photography please click on http://www.rakmilphotography.com Doors have a natural allure, we wonder about what is on the other side and psychologically thresholds have an impact; they change our perspective. I recall when the poster Doors of Dublin came out in 1970, quite apart from its touristic draw, it became iconic […]

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Syrian Resilience, A Portrait. — Discover

Photographer John Wreford captured this image of Syrian farmer Mohammed Darwish in late 2009, three years after the worst drought for 900 years and two years before the beginning of the current Syrian war.

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Hobo Photo Of The Day

Windmill – Taken January 2016

I took this photo in Leiden, Netherlands, a small town an hour south of Amsterdam by car. The city has a very charming allure to it and is dotted by quite a few of these typical dutch windmills. There are also several canals, churches and medieval structure that are absolutely delightful to walk through.

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