Hobo Photo Of The Day


Dogs are the most prominent hobos out there. When left to their own ambitions, they simply follow whatever they smell and wander in whatever direction it leads them. They are always looking for something new to piss on or somewhere new to roll around in the dirt. This picture is of Coda. Coda is my niece. My niece is a dog.

Hobo Photo Of The Day


I drove a solid 13 hours to find this shot of Charlotte’s skyline. I left Kitchener, Ontario at about 1pm on a Friday afternoon and it took me until about 2am on Saturday to make my way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I took to the road to go and hang out with a stranger for roughly 36 hours. She welcomed me and showed me her city. We visited a vegan festival, a couple local breweries and walked around the downtown core where we high-fived with an interactive building facade.

It was an experience. I was completely burnt out by the time I made my way back home. Still, I’m glad that I went. I’m glad I saw places and things that I’d never seen before and I’m glad that I met new people.

Hobo Photo Of The Day

Cemetery in Kitchener, Ontario.

Dead men tell no tales.

The graveyard was silent. All I could hear was the wind rustling through the leaves. An occasional car passing in the distance. The bright blue sky, filled with feathery white clouds was offset by the fact that I was surrounded by hundreds of dead bodies hidden only by a few feet of dirt.

Some had been there for nearly one hundred years. Others, likely still had flesh on their bones.

I didn’t hang around for long.

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Bob Ramsak tells the story of meeting a homeless man on the streets of Bogotà, Colombia.

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Hobo Photo Of The Day


You meet interesting people when you walk cross a new country.

I met a man from Argentina who was wearing the ugliest red sweater. He wore it every time that I saw him. He didn’t have much of a sense of style. He didn’t seem to care. He studied physics, back in his home country.

We met in Munich, but I took this picture of him in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh Museum. It was the last day that I saw him in person.

We still talk from time to time.

Hobo Photo Of The Day


Sometimes when you adventure, you need to adventure like a captain. Hiking down train tracks, my friend and I found ourselves following the banks of a river. We walked for hours. Eventually we decided to stop and eat lunch. I got a fire going while my friend got lunch started on the camping stove.

But, our campfire luncheon wouldn’t be complete without a sip or two with the captain!

Get out there and find yourself an adventure.


Hobo Photo Of The Day


Travelers. Bindlestiffs. Hobos. Call them what you will.

There is something in our bones. Some call it wanderlust. It calls out to us and yearns for us to explore the world around us. We can’t stay still for too long. We go stir crazy.

I may not have taken this picture, but I absolutely love it.

Hobo Photo Of The Day


Hiking in the woods will take you to places you’ve never been before. I sometimes find myself standing in a spot and wondering if anyone or anything has ever stood there before me.

You can sometimes find yourself completely alone but then notice tracks in the dirt or grass that has been flattened by something else. You look up and see a bird soaring through the sky. You realize that you’re not as alone as you thought you were.

The world can feel like it belongs to us. It is not. We share these places.