Hobo Photo Of The Day – On The Rocks


Early fall 2016, I took this while hiking near the Vermillion River near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

I heard the roar of a million leaves. There were tracks in the dirt. I was all alone but I knew that something had been here before me. I walked for hours and all I heard was the wind. Through the trees, I saw a bird soaring through the sky. I thought about death. Could he see me? Could he sense my anticipation?

I kicked my feet up on the banks of a river. On the rocks, I smoked a cigarette. I contemplated the weight of my existence. The river didn’t give a shit about me. There were waves stretching back across time and space. I thought about life. How far can we see? Is there meaning in meaningless things?


Hobo Photo Of The Day


Sometimes when you adventure, you need to adventure like a captain. Hiking down train tracks, my friend and I found ourselves following the banks of a river. We walked for hours. Eventually we decided to stop and eat lunch. I got a fire going while my friend got lunch started on the camping stove.

But, our campfire luncheon wouldn’t be complete without a sip or two with the captain!

Get out there and find yourself an adventure.


Beauty doesn’t exist without ugliness — Diary Of A Traveller

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Hout Bay Hike — Lydia Wepener Blog

An hour after setting off up a mountain at warp speed our hike came to an end with me half sighing-half saying: “honey, I’m tired” as I flopped down on a rock and started stuffing Pringles in my face, and without missing a beat, him replying: “honey, this was your idea.”

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Now Spring Has Sprung – Take A Hike! —

Spring in England can be beautiful, as the grey of winter is replaced with lush greens, it really is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy what the countryside has to offer. We are extremely lucky that we live minutes from numerous walking and hiking trails through beautiful landscapes and over the past couple […]

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Hiking to Chaladi Glacier in Mestia : No Pain, No Gain — Sweet Rover

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The Hobo Life

Sitting by the campfire, sipping on Havana Club, it seems so relaxing but what you dont see is the 30 kilometers that I had to walk with 35 pound bag on my back. Still, well worth it!