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Corsica is a stunning island located in the Mediterranean sea, located southeast of the French mainland and west of the Italian Peninsula and one of the 18 regions of France. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, yet mountains make up two-thirds of the island. However, there are still many breathtaking and interesting places to visit on the island especially […]

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Hobo Photo Of The Day – It Takes Time


I took this from inside the face of a clock.

I was visiting the Musee D’orsay in Paris, France when the gallery tour lead me to a dead end and the back of a massive clock. I’m not even sure if it worked. I never saw any moving pieces or mechanisms. I didn’t care what time it read.

Time seemed to stand still momentarily as I stood there staring at it.

My time in Europe was coming to an end. In less than a week, I’d have to give up my daily routine of exploring new cities and fly back home to Canada.

It didn’t matter. I was still standing in a foreign country, in an art museum, inside the face of giant clock. Somewhere that I’d never been before. Somewhere that I might never see again. I checked the time.

I was thankful.

Hobo Photo Of The Day

IMG_20170425_160650_530I took this shot of the Eiffel Tower at the end of February 2017. I’d walked by the tower during the day and late at night but I found that it looked it’s best right at dusk, just after the sun set behind the horizon.

Paris was not one of my favourite places I’d visited during my 45 days backpacking trip through Europe. I found it to be too big of a city for my liking and it only reminded me of big cities in Canada like Toronto. I found it difficult to get around on foot and it isn’t a very budget-friendly place for backpacking hobos such as myself.

However, shots like these remind me that even amidst a busy and bustling city, with the right angle, beauty can still be found!


Where have you been to lately and have found beauty in the most unlikely place?

Strasbourg: Stepping Into A Fairytale —

Walking through the streets of Strasbourg is like walking through the opening scenes of Beauty and The Beast and on our recent visit on more than one occasion, I expected to see Belle reading her fairy tales and singing a song as she passed me. Instead this was my fairy tale, as Mr ESLT had […]

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The Alternative Guide to Paris —

Whether you’ve been to Paris before or this is your first time in the capital of love, you’ll want to make the most of your experience. Granted, Paris is home to the Louvre, Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower, to name a few of its attractions, but it’s also got so much more to offer you. […]

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The secret Roman aqueduct — The adventures of Daisy the bus

Just a short walk away from a world-famous bridge in southern France lies an evocative 2,000-year old Roman aqueduct… that nobody seems to know about.

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Petit & Pretty French villages — Traveling Matters to us

Many years ago, we recalled (when we lived in Holland) that many British folks were flocking to the southwestern part of France. So much that entire communes had almost become British villages! Why did they converged on this part of France? Is it the weather? The beautiful countryside? It is still a mystery to us […]

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