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Ultimate 10 days road trip in Europe — MY LENSCAPE

Road trip itinerary for Europe: Croatia, Switzerland, and Austria in 10 days Why fly when you can instead take control of the wheel and explore the world at your own pace? A road trip is that perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. Why do we like road trips […]

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Celebrating festivals — Traveling Matters to us

As a tourist, seeing festivals around the world is fascinating. Afterall they are different from our own customs, exotic to most outsiders (here). From wife carrying competition in Finland to La Tomatina in Spain just last month, travelers flock to these events to join in the fun. Many years back we recalled Mel’s boss in Holland reminiscing […]

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Hobo Travel Tips – Passport Wallet

Tired of having to dig through your backpack to find your travel documents?

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Montreal Day Three — Fashionable Travels

To finish off our trip, we ventured outside of downtown Montreal to visit Old Montreal. Since it would be such a long walk, we took the Metro which was a direct route. As soon as we arrived, we went directly to the original Bank of Montreal. The bank itself isn’t hard to miss, it is […]

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USA: Attractions for All Interests in Houston, Texas — Eat Sleep Love Travel

Houston, Texas, has been in the news recently because of the unprecedented flooding it has suffered due to Hurricane Harvey, which has turned streets into rivers, damaged a lot of property, and led to lost lives. At the moment, Houston most certainly does have a problem. However, like the states affected by Hurricane Katrina in […]

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Hobo Travel Tips – Travel Pillows

One thing that I find quite important to bring along with me while I’m out exploring the world is a Neck Support Travel Pillow.


Although, there are much more vital things that need to get packed into your luggage, a Neck Support Travel Pillow can make your life much more comfortable when on the road.

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