Hobo Photo Of The Day


You meet interesting people when you walk cross a new country.

I met a man from Argentina who was wearing the ugliest red sweater. He wore it every time that I saw him. He didn’t have much of a sense of style. He didn’t seem to care. He studied physics, back in his home country.

We met in Munich, but I took this picture of him in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh Museum. It was the last day that I saw him in person.

We still talk from time to time.

Arundel Castle, West Sussex — Enjoy The Adventure

Last month me and my Mum went for a day trip to Arundel Castle. This restored medieval castle is based in Arundel in West Sussex. Founded at the end of the 11th century the castle was originally home to the Dukes of Norfolk. Prices start from £11.00 with options to pay more to see all of…

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Weekend in Wiltshire — Enjoy The Adventure

Wiltshire is filled with lots of countryside and many areas of natural outstanding beauty. Home to World Heritage site Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral which has the tallest church spire in the UK. Here is a guide on where to go in Wiltshire: Stonehenge After parking and buying tickets a shuttle bus will take you close to Stonehenge.…

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Switzerland – fairytale land — Spicy Road

If we are talking about place with beautiful landscape, famous cheese fondue, top-quality chocolate and the best hand made watches in the world – we are talking about Switzerland – officially the Swiss Confederation is famous small country (8.500.000 population) in the western- Central Europe – with many lakes, mountains, ski resorts! The country is famous […]

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Hobo Photo Of The Day


Venezia! There is no city like Venice, Italy.

A city with no roads, where people get around either by foot or by boat. There are narrow pathways leading to dead ends and towers that look like they are about to topple over. If you don’t know where you’re going in Venice, you are likely to end up being lost.

It didn’t take me long after arriving to realize that the best way to get around in Venice, is to just walk. Explore every alley, cross every bridge and just let myself be lost.


Hobo Photo Of The Day


Centuries worth of history dot the streets of Rome, Italy. There are fountains and temples, ruins and elaborate marble statues.

Rome was one of my favourite places that I’ve been too. It boasts some of the oldest monuments that I have ever laid eyes on. I love the way that Rome has so much antiquity and is still a modern city. The old with the new. You can walk down a street that looks like any other modern street in 2017 and then turn a corner and feasts your eyes on the two thousand year old ruins of the Roman Colosseum.

I took many pictures ancient ruins, but I quite like this shot that I took of these featuring a more modern side of such an old city.

Hobo Photo Of The Day

IMG_20170522_111507_603The sun was shining in a bright blue sky. It’s rays were warm but the cool ocean breeze was brisk and sent a shiver down my spine. I was walking across Scheveningen beach on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Den Haag, Netherlands.

I took in the scene and breathed in the fresh salt air. The seagulls cawed. In the distance, I could see cargo ships lurking across the horizon. I directed my eyes to the west and imagined the vastness of the ocean that lay between me and my home. The distance was immense.

I felt the crunch of shells and frosty sand below my boots. I looked down so as not to miss a single detail and stumbled upon this dried starfish laying in the sand. I don’t know how long it had been there, but I like to think that it had been waiting there just for me to find it.

Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm — MY LENSCAPE

Bergen is a compact city nestled between mountains. Bergen’s centre is filled with historical brick and wooden buildings, winding cobblestone streets, a huge central park, Gothic churches, and little squares. Bergen is rich in scenery and amazing things/attractions to do. In the harbour, there is a fish market where you can eat some of the best […]

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Hobo Photo Of The Day

IMG_20170425_160650_530I took this shot of the Eiffel Tower at the end of February 2017. I’d walked by the tower during the day and late at night but I found that it looked it’s best right at dusk, just after the sun set behind the horizon.

Paris was not one of my favourite places I’d visited during my 45 days backpacking trip through Europe. I found it to be too big of a city for my liking and it only reminded me of big cities in Canada like Toronto. I found it difficult to get around on foot and it isn’t a very budget-friendly place for backpacking hobos such as myself.

However, shots like these remind me that even amidst a busy and bustling city, with the right angle, beauty can still be found!


Where have you been to lately and have found beauty in the most unlikely place?

Strasbourg: Stepping Into A Fairytale —

Walking through the streets of Strasbourg is like walking through the opening scenes of Beauty and The Beast and on our recent visit on more than one occasion, I expected to see Belle reading her fairy tales and singing a song as she passed me. Instead this was my fairy tale, as Mr ESLT had […]

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