A winter’s tale on North island — Traveling Matters to us

If you were to read the essay of our journey to North Island New Zealand, you would know that it is as far from our little red dot as it would be to the UK. This piece of geographical fact was lost on us when we first made this journey. First, it is good to […]

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Lyskentyre Beach — The World according to Dina

South Harris, Outer Hebrides. Everyone advised us to visit Lyskentyre, so off we went. Dina was speeding first in her white Jaguar and Siri and Selma were slowly following in their VW camper van. Would Dina not have stopped frequently for taking pictures, she would have darted off out of sight of our dear Bookfayries. […]

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Australia: Top Sights Out West — Eat Sleep Love Travel

The state of Western Australia occupies a third of the country’s total area and yet is home to just 10 percent of the population. It is often overlooked by travellers who concentrate on big-name attractions like Melbourne, Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast of Australia. But for people who do decide […]

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Hobo Photo Of The Day


The biggest nickel that I have ever seen. It is one of only a few landmarks in Sudbury, Ontario, the city that I grew up in. Most of my firsts happened in Sudbury. First friends. First peer pressures. First love. First time having sex. It all happened in this place that most people haven’t even heard of.

Under the Midday Shade of a Papyrus, Uganda — PIRAN CAFÉ

With just a partial transient midday shade of a small wild papyrus field to shield her from the sun, a pregnant woman carries fire wood to her home near Kutunguru, Uganda. ~~ For the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,267th straight, was snapped on 29 March 2017 in western Uganda, near Queen Elizabeth National Park.…

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Hobo Photo Of The Day


I drove a solid 13 hours to find this shot of Charlotte’s skyline. I left Kitchener, Ontario at about 1pm on a Friday afternoon and it took me until about 2am on Saturday to make my way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I took to the road to go and hang out with a stranger for roughly 36 hours. She welcomed me and showed me her city. We visited a vegan festival, a couple local breweries and walked around the downtown core where we high-fived with an interactive building facade.

It was an experience. I was completely burnt out by the time I made my way back home. Still, I’m glad that I went. I’m glad I saw places and things that I’d never seen before and I’m glad that I met new people.

Virginia: Get Outside and See The Sights of Richmond — Eat Sleep Love Travel

Richmond is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, major corporations, and federal establishments, and law and finance drive the economy. With that in mind, you may think that Richmond doesn’t have much history or many natural sights to see. In reality, it has both. With museums, theatres, murals, and architecture to marvel at, […]

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