The Punk Rock Who?


I’m Joel. I’m just a normal guy with a passion for music, art and travel.

I’m from a fairly small city in the northern parts of Ontario, Canada, where there really isn’t all that much to do or really much to see. I grew up only ever leaving Sudbury for the occasional family vacation or going for a trip with my father in his transport truck. Growing up, it felt as if Sudbury was the whole world.

It was this small town mentality that gave me a thirst for the world. It led me to want more than just what my birth place could give to me.

I started exploring.

When I was about 18, I went on a trip to Ireland with my family and my best friend. I was young and we ended up spending most of our times in the pubs or getting drunk in the old barn house and chasing cows through the fields. I didn’t really appreciate much of the country then, but seeing a place so different and so far from home gave me the lust to wander.

I came back from Ireland and got a job working as a union ironworker and got the opportunity to work all across Ontario, visiting different small towns almost every week.

I enjoyed the aspect of getting to see the province, but I was sick of working away from home and felt like my job was holding me back from seeing more.

I then decided I needed to move away from my hometown. I chose Kitchener, Ontario. Much more populated. More cultured and much closer to other big cities. I could get in my car and drive 45 minutes and be in a different downtown core, bustling with different people and different things.

There was so much to explore.

I spent a few years living there, exploring as much as I could and finding what I needed in the non-stop life of the big cities. Eventually, again, my job started to weigh me down and I was sick of not being able to travel far without having to worry about being back at work on Monday morning.

I quit my job.

What else could a guy do? I needed more.

I decided to become a hobo.

I put my sights on being able to live of life of travel and to be able to see as much of the world as possible. I’m currently living back in my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario and am getting ready for my second trip to Europe coming up this month!

45 days across 4 countries and more sites than one hobo can even see!

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