Careers Kill – 10 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Become A Hobo

The Punk Rock Hobo


  • 1 – A career is a waste of time. Let’s face it, our lives are short. In one sense, a job secures our futures, but at the same time, they steal so much of our time. On average, here in Canada, we spend 36.6 hours per week working. Multiply that by 52 weeks per year… Times it by about 50 years of working equals 95 160. That’s almost one hundred thousand hours of our lives that we spend working, when we could be out there exploring the world! Not to mention, those who work over-time or have to work extra part-time jobs just to make ends meet. The point is, when we spend on too much of our lives chasing the idea of a secure future, we forget to live for ourselves in the present.
  • 2 – There are no ATM’s in heaven. You could literally spend your entire life chasing riches and material…

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