Dachau Concentration Camp: Model of Inhumanity — Karina Pinella

[5th of a series of posts about my late October travels to southern Germany] “You are not responsible for what happened. But you certainly are responsible for preventing it from happening again.” —Max Mannheim, Jewish concentration camp survivor (b. February 6, 1920 – d. September 23, 2016) Dachau Concentration Camp was the first of its […]

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What I learned from Backpacking in Europe — Vic Land

This summer I went on a backpacking adventure through Europe. I had never traveled without my parents before, and all I had was a backpack, limited Spanish, and my friend. The two of us took on multiple means of transportation, major cities, tiny towns, and proved to our families and ourselves that two, 20-year-old female […]

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Backpacking Budget 101

Travel budget

Most people think about going to visit other countries and just shrug the idea off because they simply can’t afford it. Sure you could book a weekend getaway with a travel agent, where everything is taken care of for you, but is that really a good way to travel?

You can spend one week in say Mexico or Costa Rica on an all inclusive resort, but that’s going to cost you a ton of money and you don’t really get to see much other than the resort and maybe a few excursions in the area. (which might even cost you extra)

For my 45 days in Europe, I decided to go with the old tried and true KISS method

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.



I decided to go with a budget of roughly 50€ per day. It really isn’t much, but I’ve been on the road now for two weeks and have rarely went over my budget. Below, I will break down more or less what I’m spending my money on.


  • Transportation
Public transit

Ok. So, I don’t actually consider the cost of my plane ticket into my daily budget. I also exclude a 4 travel day Eurail Train Pass. But, I still have on several occasions, traveled by bus or train and factored it into my €50 daily budget.

As long as you don’t intend to buy a ticket to cross the entirety a Europe, most tickets that I’ve purchased so far have been between €5-€15 and that’s usually just from one city to the next.

So if we high-ball our numbers and say we’re spending €15 per day on transportation, that leaves us with €35 to spend on accommodations and food.

  • Accommodations
Accommodation sign

Now, I must say that the way I’ve been traveling isn’t for the faint of heart. I’ve stayed in a few questionable hostels and pretty much total strangers.

The hostels that I’ve stayed at are usually between €15 and €23 per night and that usually includes wifi, hot showers, a bed, a lounge/bar (usually with happy hour!)  and occasionally, breakfast is even included. (which is sometimes questionable)

Most places that I’ve stayed were clean and hospitable and my room-mates have usually been very nice. But, your mileage may vary, as I’ve had a few encounters with, grimy showers, all-night-coughers, partiers and on one particularly bad night, even a masturbator in the bed across from me. (Yes, you can just tell when someone is jerking it….)

As to the time of writing this post, I have couchsurfed with 3 separate hosts in 3 different cities and have, so far, had no bad experiences to speak of. Couchsurfing.com is a website where you sign up for free and once you complete your profile, you can search for people to host you in the areas that you plan on visiting.


It can be rather scary to show up at a complete stranger’s door and expect to spend the night, but usually these people have hosted other people before you and our completely open to the idea of sharing their space, their time and their stories with you. The important thing is to be careful with who you request to stay with. Click HERE to check out Couchsurfing.com and see what it’s all about.

It isn’t for everyone but if you are open to sharing either a dorm room or an apartment/house with people you don’t know, then you can definitely save huge on your travels.

So once again, if we high-ball our numbers at €23 for accommodations, that leaves us with €12 per day for food.

  • Food
Buy your food from local stores or markets to save money and support local communities.

€12 per day may not seem like much if you plan on eating filet-mignon or sea food every night, but this category is actually the easiest to solve.

The solution: BUY YOUR OWN FOOD!

Wherever you go, there is sure to be grocery stores or marketplaces. Just go there to buy your food. Most hostels have guest kitchens and supply all of the cutlery, cookware and other things needed to make your own meals.

There is no need to be eating out at restaurants during your entire vacation and since buying and cooking your own food can save you money, if you stick to your budget, every now and then you can probably afford to treat yourself to a gourmet meal at a restaurant or bistro!


Everybody is going to plan differently. No two people are going to want to plan the same vacation but the important thing is to make a budget and to stick to it. I chose €50 per day, which is not a lot, but I decided to try to make my trip last as long as possible. For a 45 day trip, that’s a total of about €2000 (approx. $2800 CAD), which is pretty impressive when compared to paying $2000 for a 7 day resort vacation.

Do your research, make a budget, plan your trip around it and stick to it!

That’s it and that’s all. So good luck, get planning and get out there!





Hobo Quote Of The Day – Charles Dudley Warner

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” – Charles Dudley Warner

To learn more about this famous essayist, novelist and friend of Mark Twain, click HERE


Munich Round II — for the love of nike

Maybe you remember that I was in Munich for Oktoberfest. Well, I got to go back and spend a little more time in the beautiful city. Of course, I made my way to the original Hofbrauhaus. It dates back to the 16th century and smelled a bit of barf, understandably so. There are plenty of […]

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I’m not here to explain to you why catcalling makes women feel uncomfortable — I am a poet! I am. I am. I am a poet, I reaffirmed, ashamed.

I was sexually harassed in dunkin donuts this morning and I barely even noticed he said he liked my hair, an old, fat man and then said it again he said he wanted to run his fingers through it moving closer to me I moved away from him I was busy with a thousand things […]

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Hobo Quote Of The Day – Mark Twain

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

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7 Reasons Why Solo Travel Is The Best Way To See The World — Change The Code

I traveled solo through Europe in 2009 and it was an amazing experience. You learn so much about yourself and you will meet people. Reasons For Solo Travel You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it. If you’re traveling in a group, everyone has their own opinions…

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