First Stop: Amsterdam


Ten long ass hours after I take off and my adventure begins, my plane should be landing at Schiphol Airport. As the airliner slowly descends through the clouds and the canals and streets of Amsterdam start to reveal themselves, I imagine I will be overcome feelings of intense trepidation.


Once I clear customs, I’ll be totally on my own in a completely foreign country. A free man.  Which way to go? What street to walk down first? Or maybe walking the canals might be best…

I’ll only have my first couple days before packing my bindle and moving to the next town. I plan on doing some exploration of the city since I’ll be spending my final 2 weeks of the trip here. But in my first couple days I’ll be checking out the local coffeeshops , eateries, maybe some art or local music and course taking a walk through the Red Light District….of course, only to look, Mom!

After that, I plan on hoofing it into Leiden, a small university city in the Dutch province of South Holland.

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