The Day We Turned Ourselves In

About 10 kilometers south of Hwy 69, on the outskirts of Sudbury lies an abandoned building that’s been vacant for nearly 40 years. Barely anything remains except for the shell of a an old prison that once housed anywhere from a 100 to over 800 inmates throughout its history.

The view across the snow-dusted field, as we walked around the No Trespassing and Private Property signs.

As a professional hobo, the thought of going in and exploring an abandoned prison is irresistible. To see old cells and hallways, haunted by the ghosts of the men who once called this place their home, was something that once I set my mind on, I knew I had to do.

Dozens of empty rooms echo with our voices and footsteps.

We came upon it after walking for about 3 hours and the sight of such a big building in the middle of nowhere was almost as freaky as the thought of running into other hobos inside the building. (Helpful Hints: Always be prepared to encounter stabbin’ hobos when entering vacant buildings) It could have the potential to be a hobo haven, but the heeby-jeebies and the fact that the lands owner doesn’t like hobos or vagabonds wandering around make not the most desirable place for a hobo to call home.


There was some signs of prior hobo use, not to mention the graffiti on almost every wall in the entire building. There were areas where people had swept out and cleared enough debris to make a fire and possibly set up tents to camp out. But most of the rooms were littered with debris from the crumbling ceilings and in some areas, I even questioned the stability of the floor I was standing on.

We found a nice room with a view to stop and have our sammiches and hot chocolate.

The prettiest puppy!

The creepiest part of the entire adventure was the room we found with signs of recent use. On one of the upper floors, at the end of a hallway was one room where someone had hung an old dirty t-shirt as if to keep some sense of cleanliness in an utterly dirty and decrepit building. In the same room, we found a recliner chair where someone sat and presumably shot their guns. (Was it a coincidence that it was pointed towards the road coming in?)

Where he kept his shirt.
Where he shot his guns.


We explored for about an hour, walking down every hallway we could find. We made our way into the basement, checked out the boiler room where they generated their power, and then circled the building one last time before heading back on the hobo trail.


We came. We saw. We left nothing but of our vibes and our time.

Let us away!



3 thoughts on “The Day We Turned Ourselves In

  1. I see you found my old bedroom. stayed there all summer 2016 with my dog Honey Badger. notice the freshly painted walls and how the hallways have been cleaned again and again and again, done with alot of water. to keep the dust down. I had a quad out there ,planted 200 tomato plants, made some terra preta, planted some mint and stuff too., we put an outhouse out there, the owner brought me my water and pancake mix. I ate alot of fish n chips with fresh pikeral from the river, berries and choke cherries and apples right off the property.

    I got along with the little black bears , there were alot of those,but they were so gentle they could be eating the choke cherries off a tree and you could walk by the tree and grab a few choke cherries on the way by and they generally wouldn’t say anything. made it 10 feet away from a baby white tail dear and got to lock eyes with it for a while, came nose to nose with a hummingbird, saw snow owls hunting in the field before my window, and could hear and see sand-hill cranes everyday. I saw a herd of elk , had to be 40 at least, run through that field looking out that window.I saw dear and I saw moose families too, at night, i could scoop up mud swallows and just put them on peoples shoulders and they would stay there.

    that room had two of those yellow recliners, a 12 man tent, two of the metal beds taken from the solitary confinement area,one in the tent, another against the wall as a table. a bit more furniture like little coffee tables n shit, a nice big solar panel was on the roof right above that room which was close enough to connect power for unlimited laptop cell phone and lights, I even had a 12v cooler that worked awesome, , that shirt was way too nasty to keep so I just left it behind , I like how you found that to be the creepiest part of your visit. .

    I had taken over another area downstairs at the opposite end of the building, and set it up as a kitchen., had a nice big table, couch, more chairs, a sink that drains into a bucket, propane burners to cook and I even had my wood stove out there.

    it was a major pain in the ass moving in and out of that place., all of which happened over the water, getting those couches in and the tables and all that was downright hilarious., picture me and another guy with two boats tied together , with both of those boats loaded and no where to sit, at risk of tipping most of the time. especially true for the journey in, which was way worse,. but even the journey out the boat almost tipped from the weight of it, it was close and we definately took on some water. . I dont know if any of that furniture ever made it out of that place to be honest., I heard that after I left , some hooligans found the kitchen and trashed it, stole stuff. the furniture that was brought in was kind of already kinda pretty shitty so that no one would care if that happened 😉

    Building and cleaning in that building is a dirty job lemme tell ya. I made that shit a hundred times safer for all of you. Before me, you were all kicking up that dust all the time, just walking and you see that shit floating in the air behind your footsteps. dust masks were highly recommended. that dust is all old lead paint, asbestos, concrete, raccoon and bird shit, insulation,other stuff, basically everything you could possibly not want to put in your lungs.

    the fun part about being there was dealing with all the people who come through, all kinds from all walks,. it was fun touring yall around the place showing off all the secrets, spoon feeding the gullible with ghost story after ghost story (all pure bullshit) and showing the girls my sex dungeon downstairs. hehe, and the one upstairs too.

    people are buying up pieces of that property and the properties around it, that building is undergoing some serious renovation , development, and is no longer to be considered abandoned, I had it listed on AirBNB while I was there. you can rent the property for camping, events and concerts n shit. If you have an extra 70k in your bank account you can even own a chunk of it along the river, where people are building their cabins.


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