The Day We Turned Ourselves In

About 10 kilometers south of Hwy 69, on the outskirts of Sudbury lies an abandoned building that’s been vacant for nearly 40 years. Barely anything remains except for the shell of a an old prison that once housed anywhere from a 100 to over 800 inmates throughout its history.

The view across the snow-dusted field, as we walked around the No Trespassing and Private Property signs.

As a professional hobo, the thought of going in and exploring an abandoned prison is irresistible. To see old cells and hallways, haunted by the ghosts of the men who once called this place their home, was something that once I set my mind on, I knew I had to do.

Dozens of empty rooms echo with our voices and footsteps.

We came upon it after walking for about 3 hours and the sight of such a big building in the middle of nowhere was almost as freaky as the thought of running into other hobos inside the building. (Helpful Hints: Always be prepared to encounter stabbin’ hobos when entering vacant buildings) It could have the potential to be a hobo haven, but the heeby-jeebies and the fact that the lands owner doesn’t like hobos or vagabonds wandering around make not the most desirable place for a hobo to call home.


There was some signs of prior hobo use, not to mention the graffiti on almost every wall in the entire building. There were areas where people had swept out and cleared enough debris to make a fire and possibly set up tents to camp out. But most of the rooms were littered with debris from the crumbling ceilings and in some areas, I even questioned the stability of the floor I was standing on.

We found a nice room with a view to stop and have our sammiches and hot chocolate.

The prettiest puppy!

The creepiest part of the entire adventure was the room we found with signs of recent use. On one of the upper floors, at the end of a hallway was one room where someone had hung an old dirty t-shirt as if to keep some sense of cleanliness in an utterly dirty and decrepit building. In the same room, we found a recliner chair where someone sat and presumably shot their guns. (Was it a coincidence that it was pointed towards the road coming in?)

Where he kept his shirt.
Where he shot his guns.


We explored for about an hour, walking down every hallway we could find. We made our way into the basement, checked out the boiler room where they generated their power, and then circled the building one last time before heading back on the hobo trail.


We came. We saw. We left nothing but of our vibes and our time.

Let us away!



The Fungus Amoung Us.

I didn’t even know about it until last week. Right there in our northern forests is a hobo pharmacy!

Chaga. A mushroom that’s been heralded as an almost magical superfood. It has allegedly been used for several thousands of years around our northern hemisphere for it’s high anti-oxidant and and medicinal values. The most impressive thing about this mushroom is that it grows on birch trees every where in northern ontario and can easily be harvested at any time of year.

Once I found about about this miracle mushroom, I did what any good hobo would do. I set out to find some of it for myself. I’d never even heard of it before, but as soon as I started looking, I was able to find it on almost every birch I could see. There it was. Medicine growing on trees. Proof that nature provides everything if you know where to look.



Let It Fall

Most people don’t even think about going outside when the weather is shit. The ground is wet, the air is cold and there’s always an unpleasant and almost depressing atmosphere hanging from the overcast sky.

Fall can be a bummer: but it doesn’t have to be. The season when the environment slowly withers and dies can offer some of the most rewarding scenery. All you have to do is go out there and capture it. There’s nearly an infinity of colors laying on the ground bleeding out of the leaves into the ground. Even a seemingly dead tree, standing bare and vulnerable can offer beauty if you look at it the right way.

I’ve recently been trying to get out as much as possible and enjoy the change of season. I have been fairly successful at getting some nice shots and simply enjoying the fall climate. Thankfully, the weather has cooperated as well! I have spent most of my time outdoors lately around the outskirts of Sudbury, On. Right in the middle of the Boreal forest, Sudbury’s topography ranges from flat, valley areas to rocky and almost insurmountable, rolling hills that seem to go on forever. I also cant forget to mention the abundance of lakes and rivers in the area.

Here are a few pictures of my recent adventures into the wilderness! These just go to show you that just because Fall is kind of cold and wet and dreary, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get out there and discover it!



The Punk Rock Hobo



The Hobo Life

Sitting by the campfire, sipping on Havana Club, it seems so relaxing but what you dont see is the 30 kilometers that I had to walk with 35 pound bag on my back. Still, well worth it!